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[USA] APPELT PARK KNOTWEED REMOVAL in World Mission Society Church of God

World Mission Society Church of God in USA
On Sunday, July, 18, 2010, over 140 members of the World Mission Society Church of God in Ridgewood, NJ drove to the neighboring township of Riverdale to volunteer their time to uproot the invasive Japanese Knotweed from the banks of the Pequannock River. This project aligns with the World Mission Society Church of God’s continuous global effort to restore the planet’s natural environment. After the removal, native trees and shrubs will be planted, allowing native flora to thrive.
Japanese Knotweed, regarded as one of the world’s 100 most invasive species, flourishes in thick colonies under a wide range of conditions. It chokes out native plants, disrupts the ecosystem, damages structures and even reduces natural flood defenses. The dense mass of roots and bamboo-like stalks, capable of reaching over 12-feet high, makes the Japanese Knotweed especially difficult to remove. Executive board members of the Pequannock River Coalition (PRC) recruit groups of volunteers to undertake the immense task of uprooting the weeds multiple times a year. However, when the Church of God[WMSCOG] members arrived, Barbara Kushner, wife of Ross Kushner, Executive Director of the PRC, exclaimed, “I was told 100 people were coming [to volunteer]. I didn’t think that was possible, but here you all are!”
Church of God[WMSCOG] volunteers joined together in unity using pitchforks, shovels, and their gloved hands to dig up the stubborn growths under the sweltering heat and threat of poison ivy. Regardless of these circumstances, cheers of triumph and bursts of laughter echoed from the group. Church of God[WMSCOG] members completed “double the work in half the time,” as expressed by Laurence Bair, Chief Executive of the PRC. In an interview with NorthJersey.com, Ross Kushner shared, “The results speak for themselves. Most of the park is now free of knotweed. These folks deserve a big round of applause.”

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[USA] FORT TRYON CLEANUP in World Mission Society Church of God

World Mission Society Church of God in USA
As the seasons change, the landscape changes accordingly. Most regions in the world have very slight or no change in season, but the Northeastern region of the United States experiences very drastic climatic changes during the year. From freezing subzero winters to sweltering summers, the alternating weather patterns provide for a unique biome. New York City has it all, and maintaining this great city’s delicate ecosystem requires abundant resources and time. New York City depends largely on volunteers to maintain its large tracts of green space, to repair areas that have become fallow requires even greater amounts of resource.
As part of its continuous efforts to address environmental issues in the New York Area, the Church of God[WMSCOG] participated in a Spring Preparation Cleanup at the Fort Tryon Park in Inwood (New York, NY). On March 13, 2011, the volunteer core of the Church of God[WMSCOG] arrived on location early on Sunday morning to perform the cleanup task. In past decades, Fort Tryon, a historic and scenic landmark, fallen into disrepair due to poor funding. The old fort, which dates back to the Revolutionary War, has begun to be restored in recent decades, and the volunteers of the Church of God[WMSCOG] wanted to make the restoration goal more attainable.
In preparation for spring, the volunteers removed weeds to beautify the park, as well as all other kinds of human waste. Due to poor policing, the park had become a niche for a range of illicit activities, all leaving behind their human footprint. Understanding the importance of this historic site and unique ecosystem, the volunteers of the Church of God[WMSCOG] went to work quickly and, despite the small numbers, achieved remarkable success. Like a mother who would want the best for her children, the Church of God[WMSCOG] members, earnestly wanting to emulate Heavenly Mother, wanted to beautify this park area, to help it become the pride of the region and preserve it for posterity.
Through the grace of God the Father and God the Mother, substantial progress has been achieved. Yet, there is still much work to be done in this vast area. The members of the Church of God[WMSCOG] performed this environmental task with joy and gladness. The restoration, preservation and enhancement efforts in this area will continue. Following the example of Heavenly Mother, who is the Good Samaritan, the volunteers are eager to lend a helping hand when needed and are looking forward to participating more frequently in this location.

[USA] 1-MILE RIVER CLEANUP in World Mission Society Church of God

World Mission Society Church of God in USA
Over 100 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God gathered to clean up Pennington Park along the Passaic River on July 24, 2011. The members cleaned up a substantial amount of the river surface, the riverbank, and adjacent park areas. For several hours, they worked under the sweltering heat to achieve a result that moved the hearts of the families that frequent the park.
For years, this area along the Passaic River had lain fallow and littered and had not been navigated. But it was once again flowing with watercrafts, as the Church of God[WMSCOG] members jumped into canoes for a more thorough clean of the river. Through unity and dedication, they were able to dispose of seemingly immovable material. A large amount of waste was collected in a centralized location to expedite its removal by the City’s Department of Public Works personnel.
Local residents, bystanders and city workers were moved by the dedication, joy and efficiency of the volunteers. One young woman saw them at work and immediately joined them, being moved to tears. “I’m so glad there’s a group that cares about nature,” she said.
“We make the effort of taking care of our environment and the local communities,” responded Pastor Daniel Lee, overseer of the Church of God[WMSCOG] in Ridgewood, “for this is in par with a Mother’s mind. Mothers want the best and most enriched environment to raise their children because Mother shows pure love to the children. This love is the core of God’s teaching and the guideline for action of the Church of God[WMSCOG].”
Through this event, the Church of God[WMSCOG] earnestly hopes the people of the local community will realize the importance of volunteerism and its positive effect in the community, particularly the youth. We hope that through it they will see the necessity of environmental work and take pride in the natural resources of the region.

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[USA] CLEAN WORLD CAMPAIGN AT PLUMB BEACH_ World Mission Society Church of God

World Mission Society Church of God in USA
This spring the World Mission Society Church of God in New York launched its Good Samaritan Movement aimed at changing the world one volunteer service at a time.
Now as part of the Movement and as we prepare for the Passover Feast of God, more than one hundred volunteers united to participate in the Clean World Campaign at Plumb Beach. On the same day, churches of God around the world cleaned up in their regions. That’s more than one thousand locations in over 150 countries cleaning up the whole world at one time.
That Sunday morning, volunteers arrived at Plumb Beach in Brooklyn dressed in bright yellow shirts and green vests. Seeing filth covering a beautiful beach, they knew there was a lot of work to be done. Once a popular beach, Plum is now a site for abandoned boats and garbage that washes up ashore and the sand is littered with broken shells.
One volunteer came across a large wrecked motor boat that he clearly could not move on his own. A loud call for “Brothers” was heard and what seemed impossible for one person to accomplish became possible when about a dozen volunteers worked in unity to remove the boat. Several other boats were removed from the beach in the same fashion.
Other volunteers formed assembly lines to carry piles of heavy garbage off shore. One by one the Church of God volunteers’ efforts became a testament to the power of unity.
Don Riepe, Director of the American Littoral Society, who has witnessed the work of the Church of God for years now, commented, “You all are going to make a believer out of me. We could have never done this without all of you!”
The reality is that volunteers always rely on the power of God to carry out all of our community service efforts – big and small. As we continue to carry out volunteer activities, we hope to follow the example of Christ, who has already come a second time and keep the Teachings of Heavenly Mother so that others will come to realize God.

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[USA] MARSH PLANTING IN JAMAICA BAY in World Mission Society Church of God


World Mission Society Church of God in USA
Superstorm Sandy devastated the Rockaways leaving hundreds of families to piece together their destroyed homes and ruined memories. Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God wasted no time and spent more than two weeks helping families drain out flooded basements and salvage as much as possible.
In the spring time, volunteers returned to the area and joined the American Littoral Society to plant salt marshes, which would help prevent future storm surges.
More than 100 volunteers from the Churches in Manhattan, Queens and northern New Jersey were ferried out by boat to a piece of dry land in the middle of Jamaica Bay. In the hot June sun, volunteers worked for hours to plant one marsh.
Industrial development and pollution have destroyed the marshes in the Bay. Salt marshes help the area from storm surges but also provide a habitat for wildlife.
Over the past five years, Church of God[WMSCOG] volunteers have been committed to helping restore Jamaica Bay and protect its habitat by carrying out different kinds of environmental protection events, like beach cleanups. We hope to continue our work in Jamaica Bay and help rebuild the Rockaways.

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[USA] CLEANING SANDY DEBRIS IN JAMAICA BAY_ World Mission Society Church of God


Removing ten tons of debris is no easy task. But that’s how 200 members from the World Mission Society Church of God in New York spent their Sunday on September 22nd. Volunteers worked with the American Littoral Society to remove the debris that was left on the coastline since Hurricane Sandy’s damage to Broad Channel and the Rockaways last October.
To efficiently pick up planks, trash, boat wreckage, and bottles, among other environmental hazards, volunteers formed an assembly line of about a quarter-mile. In less than 4 hours, they were done with pulling out the waste from the marshland.
“The area was completely flooded by Sandy. [It was] really destroyed,” said Cathy of the American Littoral Society. “It’s great that you guys were able to help us in this area because a lot of debris that you picked up was from Sandy. And here we are, almost a year later and it’s still sitting there.”
“Because we believe in God the Father and God the Mother, we put Their teachings into practice by volunteering in our community through service activities like today’s,” said one of the Church of God volunteers. “Christ came as the Good Samaritan. That’s why we want to help out in any way we can to make the world a better place.”
The Church of God[WMSCOG] has been working with the American Littoral Society over the past five years to help restore Jamaica Bay. This past spring, the volunteers helped plant salt marshes to prevent future floods, like the ones caused by Superstorm Sandy.
The Church of God[WMSCOG] has especially been helping Broad Channel and the Rockaways rebuild after the storm. Fifteen days immediately after Sandy, hundreds of Church of God[WMSCOG] volunteers cleaned out flooded homes for families and, more importantly, helped restore their peace of mind and give them hope for the future.

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[USA] Environmental Cleanups_World Mission Society Church of God

As people living together on one planet, using the air, water and resources given by God, the members from the World Mission Society Church of God feel obligated to look after it.  The air affects our breathing, the water affects what we put into our bodies and the trees and plants affect our health.  The world we live in therefore is inextricably related to each of us and the members of the Church of God want to make it a more beautiful environment for everyone to share.
Just as mother’s raise their children in a safe, clean and pure environment so they will grow well, similarly, the love of Heavenly Mother is a motivation to the church members who work globally to clean up the environment for all people. Through vast cleanups of beaches, rivers, oceans and lakes as well as environmental planting efforts, the Church of God is sharing the love of Mother with the world.